A weekend with the Rangers FC

Weeks ago we started to contact a guy from the Union Bears, this because we’re fascinated by the Rangers for many years now.

For us this was a good reason to finally visit a match at the great historical Ibrox stadium. Our contact at the Union Bears arranged a great weekend for us including two matchtickets at the Union Bears section during the home match vs. Hearts, a dinner with some lads of Rangers and an invite for their fundraiser party!

After weeks of preparation, we were finally on the road to the airport.

What would a weekend away from home be without some delays… Happy for us it didnt last that long.

After the check-in at our hotel we finally made it to The Quayside Bar, having a few pints while waiting for our guy from the Union Bears.

We were picked up for the stadium tour at Ibrox. An amazing stadium with a lot of history, here is a short impression!

There are still so many more pictures to upload, since there is just so many history in one ground. We were really impressed and very happy that we had this private stadium tour.
After the stadiumtour we went out for dinner with some lads. After that we were dropped of at The Quayside Bar for the last few beers of the day.

The saturday morning had to start on a good way, with some Jack Daniels.

After some drinks we were heading over to the Union Bears shop, located at the stadium, to buy some merch to support the guys.

Back to the The Louden Tavern for the last drinks before entering the stadium, sadly they don’t serve any beers inside the ground.

Ofcourse this picture couldn’t be missed.

Ready for the match!


A 2-0 victory with some class atmosphere!

After the match we were heading over together with the Union Bears towards the fundraiser party. We were involved in everything during the whole weekend and that resulted in a great party with lots of alcohol… and a hangover for the next day!

Our plan was to visit the city center of Glasgow on the sunday, but we decided to see some more of The Quayside Bar!

Sadly our great trip ended on the monday morning.

Thanks to everyone from the Union Bears (and especially our contact who sorted everything out for us, the guy himselfs knows who we’re talking about)! We’re definitely coming back to Glasgow!

Many thanks and cheers from Casual Ultra!