Police arrested the main suspect for the murder of AEK fan, it’s not a Croat

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As reported by the Greek SDNA portal, the police have arrested a well-known Panathinaikos fan, who is the main suspect in the murder of an AEK fan.

According to information from this portal, the individual in question is well-known to the local police and was released from prison six months ago on parole.

The lawandorder.gr portal has reported that the police have taken fingerprints.

According to the forensic report, the AEK fan died from a single stab wound to the arm, which occurred as he tried to defend himself. No other wounds were found on his body.

Recall that initially, Dinamo fans were suspected of the murder, but further investigation shifted the focus to Panathinaikos supporters, who are affiliated with the “blue” team.

Croatian media, on the other hand, report that seven Dinamo fans have stab wounds in the clashes, and two of them were hit by signal flares. None of them have received adequate medical assistance, and they do not have the assistance of the Croatian consulate.